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Subject: WFMB seminar Dr Jarol Chen, Friday, September 9, 3.20pm Oxidative Damage Batten disease and Neuroinflammation

This week's WFMB seminar (Friday, September 9, 3.20pm Field Research Centre Seminar Room) presenter will be Dr Jarol Chen, who will tell us about her Ph D studies:

"Oxidative Damage Batten disease and Neuroinflammation:  The non-role for oxidative stress in ovine Batten disease and a molecular dissection of the neuroinflammatory pathway."

Oxidative damage, mediated by the activating enzyme MnSOD (manganese dependent superoxide dismutase) has long been regard as central to pathogenesis in many neurodegenerative diseases, including Batten disease.  Jarol's studies show that this is not so.  Instead neuroinflammation is central, and is a complex process involving many factors.

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